What is the Best Age to Have a Hair Transplant?

Though men and women from varying ages get hair transplants, there are certainly a few recommendations as to when the best time to get a hair transplant is. And age is definitely one of the most important factors when a client is being evaluated for a hair transplant, because young clients are usually destined to loose more hair over time.

Most peoples final hair loss patterns are not defined until their 30’s or 40’s. And at this age, many doctors would not hesitate to perform a hair transplant, given that the client is a good candidate. The same cannot be said about young patients. The fact that most peoples hair loss pattern is not fully revealed until later in life, explains why a hair transplant is rarely recommended for someone in their early 20’s and usually never for someone under the age of 21. A hair transplant at a young age may not look desirable in the future, as hair loss continues and the hair loss pattern changes and might require corrective procedures. It is often too difficult for the doctor to do a hair transplant on a young client that will look natural for the rest of his or her life.

The client’s donor supply, the area from where hair is taken, is always of utmost concern. This is because using too much of the client’s donor supply at a young age is not advisable, as enough hair must be preserved for future hair loss. Hair loss tends to progress over time, and future hair loss might require additional hair transplants. In young patients, making good use of, and preserving the donor supply is critical. Young patients should not get high density hair transplants because they might use up too much of the donor hair that might be needed later in life.

In rare cases, when the patient is an acceptable candidate for a hair transplant despite a young age, the doctor might agree to do a limited hair transplant, such as restoring the hair line, though this is not the first line of defense. Young clients, those in their 20’s, are often encouraged to take a hair loss medication such as Minoxidil or Finasteride, before seriously considering a hair transplant. Starting non surgical treatment is usually a better solution, until the client is old enough to be considered for a hair transplant.

Though there is not an exact age for the best time to have a hair transplant, it would be wise to wait until after the age of 25, and preferably even longer than that. A young client should work together with the doctor to establish not only an immediate solution, such as a hair loss medication, but also a long term hair restoration plan which could include a future hair transplant. The goals should be clear and specific and cover all the procedures the client might need over time, not just the first one.

Photo via Clinicas CMC Medical Group

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