What to Ask During the Hair Transplant Consultation

The hair transplant consultation is easily one of the most important steps of a hair transplant procedure because it allows the client to raise all of his or hers questions and concerns. But a hair transplant is permanent and making sure that expectations will be met can be an overwhelming task. Not knowing exactly what questions to ask the hair transplant doctor can turn into quite a concern, but with a little research and preparation the client will gather enough information to ask the best questions possible.

During the hair transplant consultation good communication between the doctor and the client is crucial. The client should ask everything that comes to mind, as no question is too big or too small. If anything is unclear the client should make sure that the doctor clarifies and explains accordingly. The client should never hesitate to ask plenty of questions, as a good hair transplant doctor will be pleased to answer all of them and make sure his client is comfortable during the entire consultation.

A good place to start is to ask the doctor what type of hair transplant he or she recommends and why they recommend it. Find out exactly what will be done during the procedure, meaning how the doctor will conduct the hair transplant. Also ask about the doctor’s experience with the type of hair transplant in question, and inquire about before and after pictures of previous clients. Some doctors will allow clients to speak with other clients who have had the procedure, and this might also be a good idea.

No one wants a hair transplant that will be noticeable to others, so asking about this is imperative. Ask if the hair transplant will look natural and see what the doctor says. The doctor should not hesitate in promising you a natural look because the best doctors in this field can produce undetectable hair transplants, meaning a hair transplant that no one can spot. Ask about the doctor’s artistic abilities, if he or she takes pride in creating a natural hair line: one that mimics the original one. The hair line is the first thing people will see, and it is crucial that hairs are placed in a natural looking way that matches with the clients existing hair and facial features.

Asking what type of anesthesia will be used during the hair transplant as well as pre and post operative instructions is also a good idea. The doctor might start to sketch a plan and the client should ask how the doctor plans to restore their hair and ask them to draw a line on the scalp to show what the results will look like. How long the hair transplant session will take and whether one or several sessions will be needed should also be discussed. And finally, the total cost for the hair transplant, financial concerns as well as the need for a financing plan should also be brought up.

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