Can Body Hair Be Transplanted to The Scalp?

Though a hair transplant is usually associated with transplanting hair from one area of the scalp to another, it is fully possible today to obtain donor hair from various parts of the body and transplant it to the scalp. This is a technique often referred to as BHT (body hair transplantation). Using body hair as donor hair is a fairly new innovation that could make a hair transplant possible for those with little to no hair on the scalp. Using body hair can be considered for those who have no other option, including those who have used up their scalp donor hair supply, have low donor hair density, poor hair quality, tight donor areas, excessive scarring or in severe repair cases.

And while body hair transplantation might seem like a great idea for those with a balding scalp but excessive body hair, it is not always the ideal solution. Transplanting body hair to the scalp has been studied and researched by many doctors and scientists. And some claim that the transplanted hair will remain its characteristics, including growth cycle, quality, color and texture. This can be quite problematic as the body hairs will look different from the other hairs on the scalp. Others claim that hair taken from the body may not grow as long as the hair on the scalp would. It is however possible that body hair will take on scalp hair characteristics when moved to the scalp.

Transplanting body hair to the scalp can be done with the FUE or the Strip method, and hair can be taken from the chest, shoulders or back, and this is the hair that is most likely to resemble the hair on the head, though it does not carry the same exact characteristics. For example, chest hair is likely to be thinner than scalp hair. The life cycle of body hair is also different than scalp hair, so it takes longer for the transplanted hair to grow. Also, transplanted body hair will spend more time in the resting phase than scalp hair.

Though transplanting body hair to the scalp is theoretically possible, the main concern is with whether it will look natural or not. In addition to the concern of the new hair not looking natural, there is a risk that the transplant will simply not be successful. There have been cases where the body donor hair has not grown at all once transplanted.

If you have a very limited scalp donor area but plenty of body hair, you can explore whether a body to scalp hair transplant might be right for you. But many doctors would agree that it should be your very last option, not your first. Keep in mind that body hair transplantation procedures are not as successful as traditional hair transplants, and that not every doctor performs them. You will need to do research to find an experienced hair transplant doctor to perform this special procedure.

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