53 Blogs on Treatment Options for Alopecia

Alopecia is a condition that affects people causing their hair to fall out for different reasons. This can be on small parts or the entire body. The loss of hair is usually on the scalp and is also referred to as spot balding. In a small percentile of people the entire scalp will go completely bald. This can be a devastating event for people and have an adverse effect on their self esteem. Luckily technology has come a long way and a person with this condition has choices for help. The resources below offer information to point them in the right direction.

Age Notes: A look at medications that act as hair loss treatments or that cause hair growth as an unexpected but welcomed side effect.

Hair Loss News: Approaching numerous hair loss topics, including treatments for female hair loss.

Layma Blog: A look at hair loss in men and women and the plethora of available treatment options.

Advanced Alopecia Treatment: A look at a London-based provider for hair replacements and their recently developed treatment for alopecia.

Women’s Index: Hair loss treatment options for female alopecia, focusing on the most effective treatment options geared toward women.

Green Herbal Remedies: A look at the causes of alopecia and herbal remedies that can play a role in its reversal.

Your Cellulite Solution: Addresses Mesotherapy as a treatment for alopecia.

Balding Blog: Looking at Rogaine as the classic treatment for alopecia compared to other types of alopecia treatment options.

Hair Loss Talk: A look at future treatments for one of the two types of alopecia, alopecia areata.

Grey Hair Loss: Looking at a variety of different commercial alopecia and hair loss treatments. Consumers offer reviews of their experiences with these products.

American Hair Loss Blog: A look at the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that strives to find acceptable treatments and cures for alopecia.

In the Field: Addressing the fact that skin cells may actually be able to regenerate hair follicles that are lost due to alopecia.

Wellsphere: When to seek medical attention for a hair loss problem, along with a look at some of the most common causes and treatments for hair loss.

Hair Loss Blog: A look at different aspects of alopecia and hair loss, along with a variety of different potential treatment options for the condition.

Natural Home Remedies: A look at both traditional remedies and home remedies for alopecia in men and women.

Ayurvedic Cure: A look at alopecia as a serious cause for hair loss, and a number of treatment options available that may reverse or slow the condition.

Life Means Health: This blog looks at alopecia as a serious problem and cites expert opinions on what treatments are perceived to be effective in treating this condition.

Yoga Health Benefits: A look at gray hair and alopecia, the various causes and what treatments are currently available from a health and wellness standpoint.

Top Hair Loss Remedy: This blog touches not only on conventional treatment options for alopecia, but also alopecia treatments that are specific to certain types of alopecia.

Helpful Health Tips: This blog touches on some of the available treatment options for alopecia and general hair loss and gives warnings about treating hair loss with care and caution.

Hair Restoration: Focuses on scarring alopecia and the treatment options that are available for it.

eHealthy Land: A look at crcatricaial alopecia or scarring alopecia and the treatment options that are available for this specific type of alopecia.

Women Hair Loss Treatment Guide: This blog focuses on alopecia and other hair loss issues in women and offers herbal and home remedies for treating the problem.

Hair Loss Treatment: A comparative assessment of different treatment options for alopecia areata.

Jenny Reviews: Review of an alopecia areata treatment option called Alopecia Trivial.

Health and Fitness Tools: A critical look at solutions for thinning hair and hair loss and whether or not they are effective.

Belgravia Centre: Addressing Vitamin D as a treatment option for alopecia.

Modern Medicine Blog: Addresses the effectiveness of Sulfasalazine as a treatment option for alopecia areata.

Xpert Health: A look at the process involved in losing hair due to alopecia areata and the potential treatment solutions that are worth exploring.

HPathy: A homeopathy blog addresses whether or not homeopathic medicine has an answer for people with alopecia.

Biotech Connection: A look at different types of alopecia, and treatment options available for the type known as alopecia areata.

Ygoy: Addressing natural ayurvedic treatment options for people suffering from alopecia.

Little Green Papoose: A look at affordable treatment options for men with alopecia hair loss.

Skinsight: Addressing female pattern baldness, female alopecia and the treatment options available for these conditions.

Hair Loss Learning Center: Offers a learning blog on all aspects of alopecia and alopecia treatment options.

Bald Girls Do Lunch: A look at alopecia research and treatment options with a wealth of other information.

Yin Ova Center: Looking at Chinese medicine as a potential treatment option for different types of hair loss.

iHealth: Looking at treatment options for alopecia including corticosteroids and other potential treatments.

Improving Your World: Addressing hair loss and hair loss treatments for people with thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Stem Cell Baldness Cures: Looks at stem cell research as an effective link in the treatment for alopecia and other hair loss conditions.

Her Hair Loss Help: Focusing on alopecia and hair loss in women and the treatment options that are available.

Regrow Hair: A look at different hair loss treatments for alopecia and other causes of hair loss.

Women Hair Loss: A plea not to panic when you are suffering from hair loss because there is treatment options out there.

Dior Girl: A look at different types of hair loss and how they compare to alopecia in women.

Leimo: Androgenetic alopecia in women and the options available to undo the hair loss damage once and for all.

Alopecia World: Living with alopecia and a look at what options are available for people with alopecia.

Sublimis Blog: Addressing the fact that there is a genetic link to alopecia areata, which may lead to new and exciting treatment options.

Hair Transplant Network: Using hair transplantation as a method of treating alopecia areata.

Health Care to us: Green tea as an effective treatment for androgenic alopecia and other types of hair loss.

Permanent Makeup: The future of alopecia cures thanks to recent genetic research on the subject of hair loss.

Griffin Center: A hair restoration center’s take on natural treatments for hair loss and alopecia.

Baldness Cure Advice: Is there really a cure for alopecia and male pattern baldness? This blog gives some valuable insight.

Diet Health Club: Looking at home remedies for treating alopecia and other types of baldness and hair loss.

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