Hair Transplant Alternatives: Does the Laser Comb Work?

The laser comb is a low level technology hand held device aimed to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth, and has become a popular and much talked about product in recent years. The laser comb is meant to increase blood circulation to the scalp, invigorate hair follicles and thereby produce fuller hair, and could possibly be an alternative to those who would like to wait before considering a hair transplant.

Perhaps one of the most attractive selling points regarding the laser comb is that laser therapy that was previously only available in hair transplant clinics now is a treatment that one could perform in their own home. While the laser comb usually runs several hundred dollars, it would save money in the long run compared to laser treatments received in a clinic.

The laser comb is not likely to grow hair in a bald spot, but can make existing hair healthier, thicker and longer. Some users support this claim and say that the laser comb indeed did not grow any new hair, but seemed to reduce the shedding of existing hair and made it fuller. There are also studies that prove that the majority of testers did see positive results. While the concept of the laser comb sounds fantastic, there is much discussion on whether it works or not, and everyone who has tried it seems to have their own specific opinion. There appears to be just as many people who believe in it, as those who do not.

Other than luck, perhaps the biggest factor in determining success with the laser comb is patience. The laser comb needs to be moved over the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes three times a week for several months before any positive results can be expected. However, don’t plan to use the hair comb for hours at a day to increase your hair growth, as using it more than the recommended time will not have an impact on the results. And as with many other hair transplant alternatives, any increase in hair will most likely go away when the laser comb is no longer being used.

While the laser comb is manufactured by different companies and comes under different names, the most talked about laser comb is “The HairMax Laser Comb”. However, this particular laser comb is only approved for use in men. There is currently no evidence that supports its safety and efficiency for usage on women.

Whether the laser comb works or not might just depend on who you ask. To find out if the laser comb might work in your case, give it a try and see what happens, it is safe to use. However, it might be a good idea to keep expectations low, in order to avoid disappointment. For those who have tried every way to restore their hair, including the laser comb, and nothing worked, a hair transplant might be the last and final option.

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