Review of Nu/Hart Hair Transplants

When you’re looking for someone to help with a hair transplant, you can feel very vulnerable. The field of hair transplants, like other cosmetic type procedures, can be confusing. It’s also hard to know whether the company or doctor you’re thinking about working with is right for you.

Nu/Hart is a worldwide company that offers hair transplant services. They enjoy a solid record of satisfied customers, and should most definitely make your short list of possible providers.

Reputation, Experience, and Benefits

Nu/Hart Hair transplants are one of the world leaders in hair restorations. More than 30,000 hair restorations have been performed over the 25 years Nu/Hart has been in operation.  A staff of highly-trained professionals at each of the Nu/Hart centers is dedicated to the highest levels of client care and customer service.

The medical team consists of 16 surgeons who specialize only in hair transplants. They’re supported by a skilled team of RNs as well as surgical techs to make sure your experience is smooth and comfortable.

Every patient develops a customized treatment plan in order to make sure they get the best possible experience for their needs.

Hair Transplant Methods

On top of the traditional hair transplant technique known as the “Strip Method,” Nu/Hart offers NeoGrafting. This is an advancement in FUE procedures where you don’t need stitches, a donor incision, or a donor scar.

In addition, Nu/Hart stays on the cutting edge when it comes to hair transplant methods. They have continually invested in research & development, and are constantly looking at new options like laser therapy, topical treatments, new surgical instruments, and new techniques.

In fact, Nu/Hart has a patent in follicular multiplication, and offers more units than ever before in a single visit. Some patients are satisfied with the additional hair growth from a single visit, while other clients choose to have additional procedures done in order to have an even fuller head of hair.


Clients in over 40 countries have turned to Nu/Hart for their hair transplant needs.

In the United States, you can find Nu/Hart in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. There are also worldwide offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Manilla.


Nu/Hart does not advertise pricing for their procedures on their website. Part of the reasoning behind this, of course, is the fact that every case is different.

What does make Nu/Hart a better option than some other hair transplant services is that they do offer financing via Care Credit. The financing is generally interest free if you can pay off the full charge within a certain amount of time – typically six months to two years, depending on the current promotion.


Nu/Hart is a reputable hair transplant provider that stays on the cutting edge of the field. If you’re within driving distance of one of their offices and if you can make the financing work out, they’re definitely one of the better options on the market today. Nu/Hart has a long string of satisfied customers, and you may find that you’re one, too.

Rating: ****
Reviewed by: HairTransplant.Org, January 2012