What Areas Can Hair Be Transplanted To?

A hair transplant is most definitely associated with transplanting hair to balding or thinning areas of the scalp. But a hair transplant can also be an effective method of restoring hair to other areas of the face or body. Permanent and undesired loss of hair can occur nearly anywhere and for many different reasons. But with the advancement of technology, along with new innovations in the hair transplant field, doctors can now safely and efficiently transplant hairs to pretty much any area as desired.

While many of us struggle with removing our unwanted hair on different parts of the face and the body, this is not the case for everyone. In fact, there many people who highly desire more hair in certain areas. For instance, there are men with completely bare chests who are looking to have a hairier chest, and with today’s technology, that is possible to do. Hair can be transplanted from almost any part of the body to another. A hair transplant can be used to restore hair to the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, moustache, chest and pubic areas. Hair in these areas can be absent for many different reasons, such as physical injury, plucking, treatments or disease, as well as congenital inability to grow hair.

Due to the fact that hair sometimes grows back, hair loss in any area should always be examined by a doctor before considering a hair transplant. While all hair transplant doctors will transplant hair to the scalp, not all will transplant to other areas. Transplanting hair to areas other than the scalp ultimately is a specialization and an expertise, and anyone consider a hair transplant of this kind should always try to find a doctor who specializes in exactly the type of hair transplant that they are looking for.

While there are certainly hair transplant doctors who are willing and able to transplant hair to any area of the face and body, not all doctors will agree to do it. This is simply because most doctors are specialized in certain areas, and many doctors will only transplant hair to the scalp. In addition, some doctors don’t believe that transplanting hairs from one area to another will result in a good look, since the characteristics of the hairs will be different.

The hair that is being transplanted should closely match the hair of the recipient site. However, it is not always possible to find donor hair in the same location. That is why hair will sometimes need to be obtained from other areas, such as hair from the scalp to the eyebrow. And this type of process can sometimes get quite complex, as hair looks different depending on what area it is located in. Regardless of the complexities of this type of procedure, with a little persistence and some internet research one should be able to locate a hair transplant doctor who can transplant hair as needed.

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2 thoughts on “What Areas Can Hair Be Transplanted To?

  1. i want to ask if hair can be transplanted to an area in the head that hair never grown (i was born with not hair in an area of my head) and because i havent there i dont know if i can transplant.

  2. That should be possible but it’s best to consult with a surgeon. Most places won’t charge you for a consultation and you can simply give them a call.