Beard Hair Transplant In Detail

Far from everyone is struggling to remove unwanted hair on their faces; instead there are definitely those who would like to add hair instead. The first bit of facial hair is a big milestone for most men, and the absence or loss of it can cause much grief to some. For plenty of men, having hair signals masculinity and makes them feel more manly and attractive. Men who would like to have just a regular beard, or men who like the idea of having a goatee, can look to have a beard hair transplant done. Having more hair in the beard area is not a rare request anymore, but is becoming more common.

The absence of hair in the beard area can be a result of many different things, such as injury, surgery, accidents or burns. Other reasons include genetic inability to grow hair as well as prior hair removal services where something went wrong. Some clients also look to fill in their scars with hairs and thereby make them less visible.

A beard hair transplant can be done with either the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method or the Strip method. Both methods have pros and cons. The Strip can be cost and time efficient, but leaves a scar on the back of the scalp, the FUE is a scalpel and stitch free, less invasive approach, but can be pricey as well as time consuming. The hair that will be used is usually taken from the scalp, because these hairs are the ones that are the most similar to beard hair when it comes to characteristics such as shape and texture. Hundreds or thousands of hairs might be used, all depending on the area to be covered and how much density is desired.

To provide a natural look, hairs will be placed as one and two hair grafts, just the way beard hair naturally occurs. Hair also needs to be placed carefully as to have the correct angle. In other words, a beard hair transplant is not only a technically demanding procedure but also a highly artistic one. A good hair transplant doctor will work to create a beard that looks as natural as possible. An excellent doctor will also pay close attention to the client’s facial shape in order to create the best look possible.

Once the hairs are transplanted, they will go through a period of adjustment, where they will shed a couple of weeks after the procedure, however, this is not a reason to be concerned, the roots of the transplanted hairs remain and will continue to grow for a lifetime. The new hairs can be treated just like other hairs, including shaving and trimming. An individual who is looking to add more hair to their beard area should find a hair transplant doctor who specializes in facial hair transplants. The experience and knowledge of the doctor is crucial in order to have a successful beard hair transplant and see satisfactory results.

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