Hair Transplant Terms: What Are Mega Sessions?

Mega sessions and super mega sessions are the names of hair transplant procedures that use a large number of micro grafts in one single session. Though the exact definition and number of grafts used in a mega session depends on who you ask, there is an overall understanding of what these procedures are and what they can achieve.

Though many hair transplant clients desire to have the maximum number of hair grafts transplanted in one surgery, this will not always be possible. In other words, not everyone considering a hair transplant will be able to do a mega session. The client must have high density and sometimes high skin laxity in order to undergo this type of procedure. Density simply refers to the amount of hair the client has and laxity refers to how flexible the scalp is. Though mega sessions are often done with the Strip procedure, they can also be done with the FUE method, though a Strip procedure can transplant a larger number of hairs in one mega session.

The exact number of grafts for a mega or super mega session varies depending on who performs the procedure. A traditional hair transplant session usually uses 2000 or less grafts. A mega session uses 3.000 to 4.500 grafts, and a super mega session is anything over 4.500 grafts and can even reach as many as 5.000-7.000 grafts.

Doctors with expertise in mega sessions can obtain the same results in one mega session as another doctor would with 2-5 regular sessions, but for a medical team to be able to finish a mega session hair transplant procedure in less than 12 hours, they must have a sufficient number of well trained staff members on hand.

The advantages of mega sessions include fewer hair transplant surgeries, less donor scarring, less downtime for the patient, and greater overall value. Some of the disadvantages could be that too much of the donor hair is used, that if the grafts are removed and then not inserted in a reasonable amount of time they could get injured and there could be less growth. And if the doctor attempts to remove a too wide of a strip in order to obtain as many grafts as possible, it could result in a visible scar.

Mega sessions would only be an option to a few individuals, because it requires an excellent donor zone in order to obtain the large amount of grafts needed. If there is enough donor supply, a mega session can be considered. Mega sessions are safe procedures when performed by experienced hair transplant surgeons, and should result in the same excellent outcome as a regular hair transplant would. However, anyone considering a mega session should carefully research prospective hair transplant clinics to make sure they have years of expertise in performing them.

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