Hair Transplants for Twenty-Somethings

Many people think of old or middle aged men when they hear the phrase “hair transplant.” However, many younger men deal with the troubles of hair loss every year. A sizable amount of men begin to experience hair loss starting in their late teens and early twenties. It can be very embarrassing and damaging to the psyche to realize that you need a hair transplant before you’re out of college.

There are many reasons to consider a hair transplant at an early age. Men in their twenties are often at their most sexually active, and many people may equate hair loss with a lack of virility. Young men may be so ashamed of their hair loss that they will not try to court with potential partners.

However, there are different sets of circumstances for younger men considering a hair transplant than there are for older men. Younger men who opt for a hair transplant operation often have to come back for at least one future hair transplant later on in life. Since there’s only a finite number of areas to transplant hair from, each successive hair transplant will yield diminishing returns. This is especially true if a young man wants to pursue a radical hair transplant early on into their hair loss woes.

Therefore, any man in his twenties should opt for a less dramatic hair transplant than he might have at first imagined. Many younger men may be disappointed with their hair transplant initially, but the long term results are often much more satisfying. By the time these men reach their thirties, their peers are suffering from thinner hair as well. The initial hair transplant by this time has had plenty of time to blend in with the natural hair, creating a much fuller head of hair than men just starting to go bald.

If you’re in your twenties and you’re interested in a hair transplant, you may need to use extra caution in choosing a hair transplant specialist. Ask older men you know who have received a hair transplant about their experiences. You may get some great advice.

Many younger men rush into the hair transplant process without understanding more about the long term consequences of hair loss and hair transplant procedures. Be sure that the surgeon performing the hair transplant has discussed all of the aspects of the operation beforehand. See if your hair transplant specialist has operated on men in their late teens and twenties before, and how they view the process.

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