Choosing Where to Get a Hair Transplant

Selecting the source or provider of your hair transplant surgeries is a decision not to be taken lightly. Depending on what part of your body and how big of area you are trying to fill in, these people will be carving into your scalp for at least several months and up to a few years to get the complete hair transplant job done. You are going to know the doctor intimately by the end of the process and know exactly how good they are by the time it is all done. So doesn’t it make sense to learn more about all of the surgeons available to you before you commit to going with one surgeon or another?
You don’t necessarily have to work with  a major corporation to get a hair transplant. Bosley, Hair Club for Men and others may seem to have the commercial side of the market on lock down, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones in the game, despite what they may want you to think. Bosley and Hair Club work with doctors sometimes with exclusive arrangements, but more often than not, that is not the case. You can often get the same surgeon to handle your hair transplant by contacting the doctor themselves directly. Even if not, there are more than a few quality hair transplant surgical specialists in most major cities that are not affiliated with a big company and just work independently. This can mean better service, shorter wait list time to get started, better quality and overall a stronger personal relationship with the doctor themselves as you get to know them over time.
A hair transplant is permanent and as such is not a decision to barrel willy nilly into unawares. Meet with potential doctors both from the major companies and the independent ones and ask them questions. Make a list of questions before you go in so you are prepared and are sure to come out with all the information you desire. And if you think of more questions while you are in the meeting, write those down as well so you are sure to remember to ask them of the next doctor and/or company you meet with. You want to weigh all of your options before you decide. The major companies have their pluses – such as warranties – offices nationwide if you need adjustments, treatment or service on the road, but they can leave you feeling like a number as they whisk you through the process like cattle going to slaughter. For them it’s a volume game, whereas for an independent doctor, caring for their patient may be more their focus and concern.

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