Will Anyone Notice I Had a Hair Transplant?

When considering a hair transplant it is understandable to be concerned with whether anyone will notice the hair transplant or not. Whether the hair transplant will be noticeable depends on many different factors, with perhaps the biggest one being the choice of method. Some procedures do cause more scarring than others. And scarring may or may not be visible depending on how the hair is worn. A scar from a Strip procedure can be more difficult to conceal, especially if there is no hair to cover it.

Regardless of chosen hair transplant procedure, following surgery the client’s recipient area will typically have tiny marks where the new hair was implanted, and it is possible for these marks to be noticeable at first, especially if there is no hair to cover them. And soon after, little scabs will form around the incisions, and these hundreds or thousands of tiny incisions will heal in the coming days and weeks, and the scabs will eventually fall off.

To conceal the fact that a hair transplant was done, clients can grow their existing hair before surgery to help cover scabs and scarring. It is also possible to wear a hat or a baseball cap when out in public. However, some doctors believe that hats or caps should be worn as little as possible, as they can restrict air and blood flow to the scalp and delay healing. Most clients feel comfortable being in public without wearing a hat about one week following surgery.

If undergoing a strip procedure, where a strip of skin will be removed under anesthesia, it is possible to experience some swelling on the scalp or around the eyes, which others might notice. Most doctors would advise to take a few days off from work, as this allows the client to adjust to his new situation. A strip produce usually requires more days off from work then an FUE, which is a gentler hair transplant procedure. Though each case is individual, it is usually ok to go back to work after 7-10 days, and friends and colleagues are not likely to notice the hair transplant. Wearing the hair in different styles in the coming months following surgery can also help conceal the fact that a hair transplant was done.

It takes a long time for a hair transplant to become final. In fact, it can take up to one year. During this time, the hair grows in so slowly and gradually that is unlikely for anyone to notice that the new hairs were transplanted.

Though a hair transplant is a highly personal and sensitive matter to some, it is good to know that they are becoming more common, and should anyone happen to notice that there was something done to the hair, it will probably not be a big deal.

Once the transplanted hair has grown into place, the overall look should be completely natural, even up close.

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