When Should You Consider a Hair Transplant

Deciding on whether or not to get a hair transplant is a big decision for most people. A hair transplant is a good looking and permanent solution to balding, so many people who are just beginning to lose their hair look immediately to hair transplant surgery as quick fix. The problem with this is hair transplant surgery works best after the hair loss has been occurring for quite some time. So when should you get hair transplant surgery and what are you supposed to do between losing your hair and when hair transplant surgery becomes a good option? These are some tough questions, but they have answers.

Most hair transplant surgeons won’t perform a hair transplant until after hair loss has completely run its course. This is due to the cause of hair loss, and the way hair transplant surgery works. Hair loss is usually caused by the buildup of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short. An excess of DHT in a person’s body can cause their hair follicles to fall out, which is shown as balding. With many men, DHT causes hair on the top of their head to fall out, while hair in the back and on the sides of the head remain attached. Different men have different hair loss patterns, which is why hair transplant surgeons must wait for hair loss to run its course before performing a surgery. This is so they can identify which areas of hair are resistant to DHT. The DHT resistant hair is the hair that will be moved to the balding areas of the scalp to create a full head of hair that won’t fall out. This process explains why it is not a viable option to immediately have a hair transplant surgery when hair loss is first noticed.

This brings up the question of what to do while waiting for the hair loss to be completed. The first option is to do nothing until you are ready for a hair transplant surgery. This can be an embarrassing prospect for some, as hair comes out at different rates and can leave the remaining hair pattern look quite ridiculous. The best option for many people is getting a hairpiece. Hairpieces made today are very high quality, and look like a natural head of hair. This is a great option to keep your hair loss under wraps until you are ready for your hair transplant surgery. Before considering a hair transplant surgery, a surgeon should be consulted as they will best be able to direct you on when the right time for a hair transplant will be for you.

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