When Multiple Hair Transplant Sessions are Needed

One of the first things prospective hair transplant clients might wonder is how many sessions they will need. The number of sessions needed will depend on many different factors, and while it is possible to complete a hair transplant in a single session, it is not uncommon for someone to need multiple sessions.

The exact number of hair transplant sessions needed to achieve the desired outcome is individual and varies from person to person. Several sessions over a longer period of time might be recommended and can be beneficial in several ways. Having several smaller sessions instead of one big will allow the doctor to assess the outcome of each procedure before proceeding. Being able to evaluate each individual procedure is helpful in determining the optimal size and direction of each graft for future hair transplant sessions. This process will help the doctor to achieve a final natural looking result.

When the client has significant hair loss, the doctor will sometimes recommend multiple hair transplants in order to obtain the best results possible. A larger session will take a longer time to complete, and some experts believe that the longer the grafts are out of the scalp the less the survival rate will be. Multiple shorter sessions might be helpful in several ways than a single prolonged session. A shorter session may not only be beneficial regarding graft survival but can also increase the comfort of the client.

Someone who is bald will most likely require several sessions, while someone who has a smaller amount of hair loss might only need one session. The exact number of hair transplant sessions that are needed will depend on several factors, including hair type and desired density. Additional sessions can also be needed when hair loss continues.

Some doctors will suggest that the first procedure focuses on restoring the frontal parts of the hairline, while additional procedures can be done to fill in the remaining balding areas and increase the density of the hair. However, sessions should not be done too close together in time, as each session will need time for its final results to be clear.

Whether more than one session is required or not is ultimately up to the client. Some clients might feel that one session is enough, while others would like to continue and achieve more fullness. Before undergoing the first procedure, the doctor should plan for subsequent sessions, should they be needed. A hair transplant is a long term process and multiple sessions are often needed to achieve the final goal.

Photo via Dr_Alan_Bauman

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