The FUE Procedure in Detail

The FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure is one of the most popular hair transplant methods available today, and is becoming increasingly popular with its gentle and sophisticated approach.

An FUE is generally more costly and time-consuming compared to other hair transplant methods, but is suitable for those who require a smaller amount of hair, or those who are looking for a more gentle approach with faster healing.

An FUE makes it possible to transplant individual hair follicles without cutting or sewing of the skin, as it is a scalpel and stitch free hair transplant approach.

Each clinic has their own unique procedures, but it is possible to get a general understanding of what an FUE is like. After a consultation, pictures are taken and an appointment is set up. The day of the procedure, the clients scalp is prepared and disinfected and local anesthesia is applied. From a donor area, usually the back of the head or the neck, hair is chosen and taken out one by one with special microsurgical tools. In between harvest and implantation, the hair follicles are stored in a special solution that protects them from damage. The doctor creates microscopical incisions in the receiving area to accommodate the transplanted hair follicles, determines the direction of the new hair and moves the number of hair follicles that are needed. The client experiences no pain during this process and can rest, read or watch TV in the meantime. A skilled doctor will put effort on trying to create a natural hair line. And since the client is awake, there are opportunities to influence the outcome of the procedure. The transplant is aimed to look completely natural and the new hair will grow like normal.

The surgical site heals within a few days, since no stitches are needed. After one week scabs are gone and there is no redness of the scalp. No visible scar is formed after an FUE, even if your hair is kept very short. One week after surgery, the client is back to normal and can play sports without limitations.
With an FUE, scarring is nearly non-existent and there are no other side effects. There is no need to wait between procedures, as a new one can be performed the following day. The final result of a hair transplant with the FUE method can be expected approximately 9-12 months after surgery. A well performed FUE is nearly impossible to detect.

Though an FUE costs more than other hair transplant methods it is hard to say exactly how much. It is only during a consultation that you will be able to find out how much the procedure will cost in your specific case. The cost depends on the type of treatment performed and the size of the area concerned.
While the FUE method may not be the least expensive option, it is certainly the most gentle, and is a successful hair transplant technique in achieving a natural look.

Photo via Dr_Alan_Bauman

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