Hair Transplant Surgery or Topical Treatment?

For those men and women who suffer from thinning hair a wide range of remedies are available, but they all seem to have advantages and disadvantages, so for many people it becomes hard to make a decision. When trying to treat hair loss with either a hair transplant or with some kind of topical treatment the most important thing is to do plenty of research, and try to make the best choice based on that information. Ultimately, each individual should make the decision that feels right to them, because they are the ones who have to live with it.

Topical treatments, or hair growth stimulators as they are also called, are popular because they are easy to use and there is no surgery involved as with a hair transplant. However, the different topical creams, foams and lotions can be expensive and any hair growth is likely to stop when the product is no longer being used. Loosing the hair that was gained is easily one of the biggest disadvantages with these topical treatment products. Also, the fact that these products will need to be purchased frequently and will eventually lead to a big expense is another major disadvantage. That being said, topical treatments do not require any recovery time and results are not permanent, which can be good for someone who is not sure if they want to undergo hair transplant surgery. It is important to note however, that these products contain chemicals and can cause irritation for some, and they may not work at all for some others.

A hair transplant on the other side, is most definitely a permanent procedure. The hair that has been transplanted will grow for a lifetime and there is little room for regrets or reversals. While it is possible to repair a dissatisfying hair transplant it should be avoided as additional surgeries are expensive and the results may never be as good as they could have been the first time around. A good hair transplant doctor will take his time to create an aesthetically pleasing look that the client will be happy with. If done right, a hair transplant can be a very positive and life changing experience. And while a hair transplant is a one time large expense, financing plans are often available and many clients say it was worth every single penny.

Before making any decisions about treating the hair loss it is very important to see a general doctor, because there could be an underlying illness that is causing the hair to thin out. After conducting the appropriate tests the doctor would be able to give a diagnosis. The doctor would also be able to give recommendations regarding whether a hair transplant or topical treatments are to prefer. After that, the client should research different topical treatments or consult a couple of hair transplant doctors depending on what decision they are leaning towards.

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