Hair Transplant on Crown?

hair replacementNot all hair loss can be seen from the front. In fact, loosing hair on top of the head, or on the crown, is quite common, especially when it comes to men. A hair transplant on the crown can definitely be successful, and an experienced doctor will have no problem performing one, given that the client meet the different criterions that play a big role. Some of these are the amount of donor hair, the size of the balding crown as well as existing and desired density.

Having a sufficient amount of donor hair is essential for any type of hair transplant surgery, but perhaps more so when it comes to the crown, as this area can often be quite large and hair less in balding men. But as long as the client has normal hair density, good coverage should be possible to accomplish. One surgery can be enough to achieve good density and coverage, but if the area is completely bald, bigger than average, or if the client has very fine hair, an additional surgery can be needed to achieve the desired results.

While many clients are eager to fill in their entire crown, it should be remembered that donor hair is limited and some should be reserved for future hair loss, for example if the hair line starts to thin out. The hair line is more visible than the crown, and usually the first thing people will see, so anticipating future hair loss and making sure there will be some hair left to use is always a wise thing.

In addition to having at least one consultation with a well respected hair transplant doctor, someone considering a crown hair transplant should keep in mind that the crown needs special attention, and a doctor who has plenty of experience in transplanting hair to this area is to be preferred. This is because the hair on the crown looks and acts different than the rest of the hair that is on the scalp. Having a whorl in the crown area is common, and this trait must not be ignored, as the direction of the hair changes significantly, often in a spiral like shape. The doctor should try to recreate the whorl as it would naturally occur, and this can present a challenge. But a doctor with the right amount of experience, knowledge and precision should be able to beautifully restore the crown area, including the whorl.

Every doctor has a unique stance regarding hair transplant surgery, and some doctors do not believe that the crown is as cosmetically important as the frontal hairline, while other doctors insist that it is of equal importance. Naturally, a prospective hair transplant client who aims to restore hair to their crown will benefit from finding a doctor who believes that the crown plays an important role in the overall look. While transplanting hair to the crown most definitely presents an aesthetic and technical challenge, it can be successfully done today.

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