Hair Transplant Financing

A hair transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of our time, but is also one of the more costly ones, with fees running as high as many thousands of dollars. Given that not everyone who needs or wants a hair transplant has loads of money, there are ways in which this procedure can be afforded and financed.

Someone who may not be able to pay for the hair transplant in full should first raise this concern to the hair transplant doctor. This is because hair transplant clinics often have special arrangements with 3rd party financing companies. They might be able to offer a better deal than one would otherwise find, and that is why it is important to ask. And while interest rates with these 3rd party financing companies can be high, it is possible to find a reasonable option.

It is always possible to save money for a hair transplant procedure, but many people do not have the patience to do that. If saving is not an option, it is often better to pay as much as possible upfront, and put a small amount for financing, in order to pay less in finance charges. If finance charges are not of concern, one can pay for a smaller amount in cash and put the rest on the credit card, or put the full amount on the card. It is also possible to use two credit cards. Some people don’t mind using their credit cards because they get rewarded for it. And while many companies definitely have high interest rates, there are those who do offer low rates.

It is important to carefully read the terms regarding which the cost as well as the interest rates needs to be repaid, and it’s also a good idea to find out if there is an initial period where there is no interest rate at all. Some companies will not charge interest rates if the full amount is paid back within a certain time frame. There are those who offer no interest payment plans up to 24 months, as well as no down payment.

It is always wise to compare different financing plans to each other. Some of the companies that offer financing for hair transplant procedures are “care credit”, “chase health advance”, “unicorn financial” and “capital one”. And in order to get the best deal possible, it is also smart to compare the interest rates of the credit cards to the ones of the financing companies.

The first step to getting approved for financing is to complete an application, but not everyone has good credit. Someone who is not approved may still be able to do a hair transplant simply by saving money. It is also possible to reduce the cost in order to make the hair transplant possible: one can choose to do a partial hair transplant, such as transplanting hair to the frontal parts of the head, or just choose a smaller number of grafts.

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