Hair Styling After a Hair Transplant

Most clients who have undergone a hair transplant are excited about their new hair and eager to style it in different ways. However, the initial growth after a hair transplant is slow, and the transplanted hairs will shed about 2 weeks after surgery where after new hair will grow. It may take a couple of months to see any real hair growth. Once the new hair has grown in, clients can experiment with it as it is permanent and can be treated as any other hair. However, in the initial period after the hair transplant styling options will be limited and clients will want to be cautious when washing and drying as to not do any damage.

In the days following hair transplant surgery, focus should not lie on hair styling but on the proper healing of the skin. The client will have hundreds or thousands of tiny wounds and possibly also a larger linear wound on the back of the scalp if the Strip hair transplant method was chosen. These tiny wounds will turn into scabs, and the client should not brush on or pull the skin during this time as this can lead to scarring or the possibility that hair grafts become dislodged. Soon after the surgery clients can gently wash their scalp as indicated by their doctor, but any major hair styling is still not an option. Strictly following the instructions given by the doctor is important in order to allow the scalp to heal and avoid any harm.

Once the tiny wounds are healed and scabs are gone the hair grafts that were transplanted cannot be displaced. At this point the client will have more options in regards to hair styling. The client can treat their hair as normal as long as there is no discomfort but there still won’t be much hair to style. Around this time most clients will notice that some or most of the transplanted hair shave shed, but there is no need to worry as these hairs will grow back. Once the permanent hair starts to grow in, which will happen in the coming months, the client can style the hair in any way, but the hair transplant won’t be complete at this point.

About one year after the hair transplant surgery, the client should be able to style their hair the way they imagined, because all the hair will be grown in at this point. Products that will help the styling, such as sprays, gels and mousses can be used freely. The hair can also be dyed to give it a new look. Blow drying can add volume and body to the hair. The hair can be styled, parted and combed in any way and the client should experiment with different styles to find one that suits them best. Proper styling and grooming of the hair after a hair transplant is important because it will have an overall positive effect.

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