Dr. Shapiro Hair Transplant Review

The world of hair transplants can be confusing and, in some cases, very competitive. It’s not always easy to know whether the company or doctor you’re considering is good at what they do, and many men are apprehensive about the prospect. The good news is that there are options like Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute where you can be sure of the quality of service you’re going to get.

The real deal

In the world of elective surgery, individual surgeons tend to rise to the top. This is certainly the case in the hair restoration world. While many people may know the name “Bosley” from the sheer volume of television ads by that company, the odds that Dr. Bosley would do your procedure is fairly slim.

That’s not the case with Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute. Dr. Shapiro performs procedures daily. Not only has he set the trend in hair transplants in several ways, he’s intricately involved in making sure you get the right treatment for your needs.

Experience and expertise

Dr. Shapiro has been doing hair transplants for more than 20 years. He’s done more than 11,000 procedures and has become one of the most noteworthy hair transplant doctors around. Not only was he the first surgeon to perform a strip incision, he was also one of the first doctors to offer a micro-mini graft as a specialization.


One of the obvious limitations of choosing Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute is the location. There are two offices in South East Florida: Hollywood and Delray Beach.

That said, many of Dr. Shapiro’s customers have come from all over the country. People recognize quality when they see it, and so many fly in to the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, staying at hotels in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, or Hollywood, Florida.

Depending on how important travel is as a factor to you, this could, of course, rule out Dr. Shapiro’s hair Institute for your hair transplant procedure.


Cost is another important factor. Depending on which type of hair restoration procedure you need, and how much hair restoration you need, you could spend as little as $3,000 or more than $10,000 for your hair transplant. This places Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute well within the average costs for hair restoration services, and perhaps even a little bit cheaper than many competitors.


Overall, patients seem happy with Dr. Shapiro’s work. The website offers a number of video testimonials of satisfied customers. There are no BBB complaints against Dr. Shapiro, and there is no public record of malpractice suits, either.

Overall, patients seem satisfied. Those that aren’t satisfied have the usual complaints that are common with hair restoration: it’s not thick enough, the hairline seems unnatural, etc. These aren’t any more common with Dr. Shapiro’s patients than with anyone else, so it’s fair to say that the quality of the procedures stands up.

If you’re located in Florida, or if you don’t mind traveling for your hair transplant, consider Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute today.

Rating: ****
Reviewed by: HairTransplant.Org, January 2012