Are Hair Transplants Expensive?

Considering that a hair transplant is a complex procedure requiring a skilled doctor and his team to operate for several hours, it only makes sense that it does not come cheap. And even though some hair transplants can certainly be pricey, the cost can be justified by all means. With a larger amount of clinics offering hair transplant procedures, competition is increasing and a hair transplant is becoming more affordable than ever.

Though hair transplants fees are often quoted per graft, they can also be quoted by hair or for the entire surgery (flat fee). Regardless of pricing method, prospective hair transplant clients are encouraged to compare different hair transplant clinics in order to explore all their options and find an affordable solution.

Hair transplant costs can vary greatly among doctors. Price per graft can run as low as $1 dollar per graft and up to $15 dollars per graft. The average graft price lies somewhere in the middle with $6-$8 dollars per graft. The price per graft will often go down when the client has a larger amount of grafts transplanted. An FUE procedure, which means grafts are extracted one by one, is often more expensive. Hair transplant repair work is usually also more expensive, as it is a more complicated procedure. Though each case is unique it is not uncommon for a hair transplant procedure to run many thousands of dollars. While this seems expensive at first, it is important to remember that a hair transplant is permanent and the transplanted hair will grow for a lifetime.

It is sometimes also possible to pay for a hair transplant with payment installments, as many clinics will offer financing options. If money is no issue, the client can transplant as many grafts as possible given that there is enough hair that can be transplanted. If funds are scarce, the client can choose to do a limited hair transplant, such as just restoring the frontal hair line.

Even if a hair transplant is expensive, it can certainly be an economical choice in the long term, considering how much alternative hair loss solutions can cost. With alternative solutions requiring many expenses over time, a hair transplant is a single expense, and the hair that has been transplanted is permanent. In addition, a hair transplant can also have more value to it, as results are often very satisfying, and definitely more so than other solutions including wigs and hair loss medications.

Overall, the hair transplant industry is becoming more competitive and prices are decreasing. With the abundance of hair transplant clinics available today, it shouldn’t be hard to find a feasible option. After a thorough consultation with a hair transplant doctor, he will be able to give you a realistic cost estimate based on your hair loss and desired goals. Despite the expense, many hair transplant client will attest that the money it cost them to have their hair transplant done, was the best money they ever spent.

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